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website I made, review please!


Hi everyone! I wanted to ask if you could please review the website I have made

This has been so far the biggest task for me as it involves flash elements so I would be very nice of you if you could advice what might be better next time? As I want to improve my skills and become a pro in this field ::)

The site looks fine

Here is some constructive criticism please do not take this the wrong way, as I will offer you valuble tips from a customers persecutive

If I was a customer I would not use your services.

The two main problems are

What country are you located in it doesn't state this in the Contact Page
The About page is vague
Softikom has been a part of the Latvian and European market already for more than 7 years

No Terms of Use

But the worst part is
You are collecting personal data from a user and you have no privacy policy in place.
If you are collecting data from the European market I would suggest you get a privacy policy and Terms of Use in place fast.
Research it carefully and you will understand what I am talking about.
Good luck with your site


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