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Hi All,

Just wanted to see if my website needs tweaking. I have been online for a few years, but always looking to improve. I do use a simple program to do the pages MS Publisher has never let me down.

Checked out your site and a few things I can comment on:

- Your website contents are all justified to the left. Not sure if this is how MS publisher works or if that is how you want it to look like. Never used MS publisher before.
- When I clicked on the lion, I think that your menu bar (Home, Order Form, Policies, Links) are too small. You might want to increase the font size to make it more visible.

Just my two cents. Otherwise, looks good.

I think it's awesome to use MS Publisher and build up a website.I do agree that the menus title is kind of small.Maybe you should increased the size a little bit

I think you should think carefully before.



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