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What is the maximum term I can renew a domain name for?


I really want to renew my domain till the year 2025.. is this possible at this time? If not, why not? I am willing to pay $$$.

haha, why do you want to renew so long?? i beleive u can do this.. all u need to do is just keep renewing the domain.. it will just add additional years onto your domain...

so if you want to renew domain until 2025... just renew domain (2year x2) + (5year x2). therefore it will add 14 years to your domain..

also, take a look at this...

But I would like my domain to be renewed longer than 10 years. Someone told me before that this can improve your SEO rating. If that's true or not, I don't know. But I'd really like to renew my domain for as long as I can.

i believe that your page rank (SEO) will go down if your domain name has expired.....but i have never heard of increasing SEO with long term domain renewals....

hmm.. Never knew domain renewals stack up with each other. Thanks for the great tip! I always renewed couple days before the expiry date, but now I know it stacks up so I will renew way earlier next time. :)


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