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Unlimited Really Unlimited?

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The term unlimited gives the illustration that there is as much as you want, but there has to be some kind of limit imposed on the server.  I'm curious as to what that limit is, and should I ever approach it, is it possible to up those values or am I stuck at that point?

I checked their Terms and Conditions and found this:

What "Unlimited" means. Doteasy does not set an arbitrary limit on the amount of resources an account can use. The Doteasy Unlimited Hosting Plan is designed to serve the web hosting needs of small to medium, independently owned and operated businesses and/or personal websites. For these customers, the Doteasy Unlimited Hosting plan is unlimited.

What "Unlimited" DOES NOT mean. The accounts are not intended to support the greater web hosting needs of large enterprises or to be used as an online storage warehouse to store: backups, archiving of electronic files or emails, documents, log files, etc. or used as media file streaming/sharing hub.

Reselling any of the "Unlimited" accounts' resources is strictly prohibited. Any accounts found to be reselling resources will immediately be suspended with or without notice. Reselling of account resources is permitted only if you are using a Reseller Hosting Plan, a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Dedicated Server.

Doteasy "Unlimited" services are provisioned in a shared hosting environment; Any account found to be adversely affect the performance of other customers' accounts by excessively using network bandwidth, server storage, memory and CPU resources, will be flagged by Doteasy administrators and anti-abuse controls. Clients will then be asked to consider a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Dedicated Server services. Serious offenses will result in the account service suspension or termination, with or without notice.

there really is no set limit. but with most shared hosting providers like Doteasy, accounts can get suspended if it is found that account was using so much resources that it begings to affect other customers.

If you really want truly unlimited space/resources, you may look into a dedicated server.  It does cost quite a lot more than shared hosting but the advantage is you have full control over your server and it isnt shared with anyone else

technically speaking in computers, there is no such thing as "unlimited" since computers are all real numbers, there is a probably a limit but its probably set really really high so normal users cannot reach this... and if you are able to reach means you may need to move out or shared hosting onto dedicated hosting hahaha!

Lara S.:
Could we get a confirmation from the company on this?


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