Author Topic: How to Migrate a WordPress Database To A New Server  (Read 784960 times)

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How to Migrate a WordPress Database To A New Server
« on: December 15, 2014, 04:04:35 AM »
WordPress is the preferred content management system for millions of websites today and makes it

ridiculously simple to get up a beautiful website online and have its content updated regularly. The tool

is highly customizable and widely supported. Virtually every web hosting service in the world supports

WordPress, making it super convenient to get your website up and to run using WordPress in no time at

all. However, when you have an existing WordPress website, which you need to move to a new server,

there can be some challenges that you may face. Follow this step by step guide, and you will be able to

transfer your WordPress website along with the database to a new server in a very short time, and

without losing any critical data.

First thing first – See if there is an easy way!

Many hosting service providers offer free WordPress transfer services to new users. Find out if your new

provider offers this service, and you may not need to bother with any of the migration steps at all! In the

case these services are unavailable, or come at a price, just follow the following steps:

Know what needs to be transferred

When you change servers, you will need to move your WordPress website in three parts. First you must

transfer all the files. it can be easily done using any FTP tool that you like. Then, you must migrate the


Migrating the WordPress database

You need first to export your WordPress database from your current web server. The steps depend on

whether you have access to a cPanel or not.

Exporting from the web server without cPanel:

The steps for this will vary from one service provider to another. You will need to get in touch with their

support team for a complete set of instructions.

Exporting from the web server with cPanel:

1. Login into your cPanel and then open the phpMyAdmin tool.

2. Select the database you want to export ( In case you have multiple databases)

3. Click on the Export button, and in advanced options, select “Save as file” that will allow you to

download the database as a .sql file.

4. If given the option, also check “ Add Drop Table” so that this functionality gets added to the database

if supported.

5. You will  be prompted to save the file on your computer. Select the destination and then download

the file.

Importing the database into your new server:

1. Log into the cPanel of your new server

2. Head over to the phpMyAdmin tool

3, Select option to create a new database. Keep name same as the name of the database you will be


4. From the phpMyAdmin tool, select the newly created database

5. Select the import database option, and upload the file that you had previously backed up.

6. Click on the Go button, and the old database will be uploaded and imported automatically.

Note: Keep the character set of the database as the default or “UTF-8” when exporting as well as

importing. It will ensure that the database is compatible. As long as the character set for both the

databases match, you will have no problems.

wrote by Manas

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Re: How to Migrate a WordPress Database To A New Server
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