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is WordPress the way to go?

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Can anyone please explain the pros and cons of implementing WordPress into your website?

What benefits does it have and what other features does it offer to maximize when it comes to full functionalities of my website?

Is WordPress better than Flash? Why?  ;D

Wordpress falls under the umbrella of the wonderful CMS (Content management system) world.
Some pros:
-Great for website beginners to set up a website much faster than starting from scratch
-Has the largest CMS community to help you in case of problems or issues
-multiple plugins you can install to do some cool stuff (like cool dynamic web content, photo galleries, airplanes that fly unicorns)

-has a learning curve like any other framework
-may occasionally run into scripting errors which require some basic knowledge of languages such as PHP
-need to update files frequently as security holes often propagate.

benefits it has is of course MUCH easier management of your website, especially if it is a very large one. Many multinational corporations utilize wordpress to run their site

With the advent of HTML5 and refined javascript, Flash is definitely on its way out
with some learning, you are able to do almost everything flash does with HTML5 and Javascript so there isnt really a reason to linger onto Flash
plus, half of your potential viewers (those using anything apple technology) cannot even view Flash on their mobile devices. Therefore Wordpress is a better route

cool. very informative answer

Yeah, I'm using wordpress on my website right now. It is pretty good, a lot of good features and easy to use.

Shane Colon:
Undoubtedly, WordPress is pioneer in the field of blogging platform and content management system. Like anything, it has some pros and cons too. However to be very specific, if you are trying to build a blogging site or a simple portal then there is nothing that can match WordPress. Though, if you want a high end business portal, choose between Joomla and Drupal. Using the high end WordPress themes you will be able to produce a wonderful website within no time.   


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