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my links to page is weird


hi. i use website creator for making my site.

when i view my site. and click on about us page i made, how come the url link is show random letters and numbers. how do i make it show "about_us" or somethign like that?? '

pls let me know thx

This is how the website creator is designed. Currently, there is no function to modify the URL link.

i also have a same problem...I need help

Doteasy Marketing:
As one of our Technical Support team member has previously mentioned, there is no function to modify the URL link in website creator. However, if you are a novice webmaster who has no coding background, we strongly recommend you considering to create your website with WordPress. WordPress is an open source content management system. There are over thousands of themes available for download for FREE. Once you install the WordPress and choose the themes you like, your website is all ready to launch.

Check out this article which features WordPress in our Scripts Library

How to install WordPress

PS, FYI, our Scripts Library website is built with WordPress

I also have the same problem..
need help from u friends..


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