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[SOLVED] Additional ftp?


I have a organizational website that I need to have others update their own sections. How do I separate their sections from mine. There are two other groups I need to add, but soon many more will be coming.  Like the following examples are what I would like to do:    (this is the main ftp file)
How do I add this in the FTP files????

Yes, you can create multiple FTP user account if you are using one of our Cpanel servers. Please check if you are using cPanel and refer to your setup instructions available in your member zone. Thank you.

I see the Cpanel servers. However the setup instructions are hard for me to understand. And the tutorials are not very informative to a simpleton like me. Can you make the instructions a bit more simple??

sorry to sound stupid!

You can also refer to our KB here.

If you are still having troubles adding a new FTP user account, please feel free to open a service ticket with us and we can help you to setup one.

Thank you.

it is not an additional ftp . it is advanced ftp.

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