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I'm transferring my domain to Doteasy & I was given the following:

What are these name servers for?

The name servers are needed in order to point your domain to your Doteasy hosting services.

If you are transfering your domain to Doteasy & would like to use your hosting services before the domain transfer is complete, you can simply contact your current domain registrar & have them change the name servers for your domain to the Doteasy name servers you have been provided.

Once the name servers have been changed, simply allow up to one day for the changes to take affect & after that time, your Doteasy hosting services will be fully functional

why does it take up to a day for the changes to take effect?


--- Quote from: onion on August 09, 2011, 10:40:50 PM ---why does it take up to a day for the changes to take effect?

--- End quote ---

internet propagation

i want to know whats the difference between cname, A records, and DNS are?


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