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i believe the top level is DNS name servers then whoever has control of the DNS name servers has control over the DNS zone file (A/CNAME/MX)....generally....changing the DNS zone file just changes where the specific components are pointing to (email, website, etc...)

Changing your DNS changes where your services are hosted from and is a top level change.  There are many components within the DNS Zone file that allow you to specifically modify where this information goes individually.  These are the A, CNAME, MX Records respectively. 

The A record lets your DNS know what Server IP you are trying to pull your site from.

CNAME records are for setting up the server to instead point to a website address such as instead of a server IP and this is referred to as the Common Name.

MX record is for your Email services and tells where to try to access your mail server from.

Whether you modify the DNS or one of the other attributes really comes down to what you want to be pointing where.

you can change the DNS records in member zone. theres a link called 'DNS Panel. you can get the doteasy techs to change those records for you too. they helped me do it the first time since i wasnt sure how.

That DNS panel can handle TXT records now too. In the past, we could not enter those in ourselves. Had to ask Doteasy to put in the records for us. Now it is much more convenient.

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