Author Topic: Tip: Password Protection with FrontPage  (Read 12729 times)

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Tip: Password Protection with FrontPage
« on: August 12, 2011, 08:49:43 PM »
Just stumbled on this the other day when trying to figure out how to password protect directories with FrontPage.  Thought I'd share

To use FrontPage to password protect a directory:
1. From within FrontPage, log in to your Web server.
2. Create the directory or go to the directory you want to password protect.
3. Right-click the directory and select Convert to Web. Click Yes when prompted to confirm.
4. With the "sub web" selected, on the Tools menu select Server > Administration Homes. A new page will pop up in the browser. Type in the cPanel login info.
5. Proceed with creating users/password.

should work on most web hosts.  I've only tried it on Doteasy tho