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Brute Force?

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I'm trying to log into cPanel but there is a brute force error message that appears whenever I try to log in?

How do I fix this?

The brute force lock is a security measure in place on our cPanel servers to prevent someone from guessing your log in information through trial and error. 

If our server detects too many unsuccessful log in attempts, the brute force lock will go into effect & will lock the account.

If you have encountered the brute force message, please do not keep trying to log in.  Instead, simply wait 15 to 30 minutes & the server will automatically release the lock.

i have this exact same problem!! but i've waiting for a few hours already!! what should I do??

You will need to contact their support to remove the brute force lock

yea, just get doteasy to release the lock... but before you do,,, are you the one that tried to log in multiple times?? otherwise... ther may be someone trying to hack your acc... you should be carefull.. scan your computer for viruses, etc... change your password...


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