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Smart Mail vs. CPanel
« on: May 14, 2010, 11:56:54 PM »
Hi there,
I am currently using smart mail for my account. I see that the hosting plans now are using CPanel  for both Websites and Emails? Can you  tell me what are the differences between Smart Mail and CPanel? What benefits do I get and how much does it charge to migrate from Smart Mail to CPanel?

Thank you!

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Re: Smart Mail vs. CPanel
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2010, 09:51:58 PM »
The webmail system for cPanel is Horde. You will have SSL (https) protection if you are using the Horde email system. If you want to upgrade to our cPanel hosting services, there will be a one time fee of US$12.95. Please contact our Customer Service Team for more information.