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Send an email from my Samsung Galaxy S

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I am using Smartmail, and when I log into my DE email account on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S), I can fill in the address I am sending to and the subject of the email, but it won't let me type in the body of the email. It is as though it doesn't recognize it as a text box.

Is there a fix to this?


it might be because of the browser on the phone. it might not display Smartmail correctly

you phone should have an email program built in.  You should be able to set up the email client instead to retrieve your emails that way

Verizon keeps wanting me to set up a gmail account. If I did that, it still wouldn't help me to reply to my customers with my doteasy email address. I don't want another email address.

Is Smartmail not 'smartphone' friendly?

640 views and no one has any other suggestions for this? I can't be the only one using a samsung phone and having this problem.

I do not have your particular phone, but doesn't it have its own email client? Why not use that instead of smartmail. You can setup your account to use Doteasy's smtp server to send out messages under your domain name


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