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failed payment has ruined registry


I tried registering a domain.
For some unknown reason my payment failed. Maybe I typed a number in wrong....not sure. I just know there's plenty of money in the account, so that shouldn't have been the problem.

But I got an email notifying me of the denial, but it said to log into the member zone to resubmit payment.
Well....that would be fine....except without payment going through my account hasn't been activated yet.

I tried starting over with the registration process, but that tells me the domain is already registered with doteasy.

Any suggestions?

The best thing to do is to follow the link from that email to update your credit card information. We will then try to reprocess payment for you again. If you still have problems, please contact our support team. Thank you.


Amazing!!! How can you do it? Anything else you can do?
Can I do it same you?


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