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How long does it take to renew a domain?  I submitted a domain renewal from the member zone but it said it may take serveral days

The member zone will advised that the domain renewal may take a few days to account for any unexpected issues that may arise processing the payment for the renewal.

Once a domain renewal is submitted through the member zone & barring any payment issues, domain renewals are normally completed within one day.

hes right

as long as there isnt any problems with your credit card or payment, the domain renewal is done in a few hours even

If you plan on keeping your site for a long time, you can turn on domain auto-renew. It makes life easier for me since its one less thing to do. I have forgotten to renew domain before and it really hurts when your site or email is down when you need it most.

there is auto renew?? where is this? Do i need to contact in2net or something?


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