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Auto Renew can be found in your Member Zone under the domain section, it'll say Domain Auto Renew(OFF).  Just click this and then hit TURN ON.  I've found that this feature is set to renew about 5 days before your domain expires to make sure you have time if some kind of issue occurs.

Sometimes, they have managed to renew my domain in about 6 hours or so. Maybe i just got lucky? i never had it take longer than a day.

it only took doteasy 1 day to register my domain, so it shouldnt take more than that to renew

Once a domain renewal is submitted through the member zone & barring any payment issues, domain renewals are normally completed within one day.

The domain process may usually take 48 hours and sometimes it takes 24 hours in registration process. The process of domain is complete when the payment is done and it cannot be taken back.

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