Author Topic: changing current domain to another domain?  (Read 6663 times)

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changing current domain to another domain?
« on: November 27, 2010, 01:45:42 AM »
I would like to know if it's possible to change my current domain to another domain?  ::)

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Re: changing current domain to another domain?
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2010, 01:46:59 AM »
Unfortunately the domain names cannot be altered once they are registered. The domain name was registered as per your request. Our application process advises clients to double check their orders to be sure that this is the domain name that they would like to register as once the application is submitted, and unfortunately it cannot be cancelled or changed.

Our suggestion is to you is to register the new domain name that you would like (if it is still available) and use our FREE domain forwarding service to forward visitors to your current domain to your NEW domain, or vice versa. The Domain Forwarding function can be found in Member Zone.