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My domain expired a while ago & I hear a back order can be submitted to recover the domain

How would I go about submitting a back order for my domain?

A back order can be submitted for your by our support team and will be at the same cost as our regular domain registration fees.

If you would like to back order your domain, you may visit the link below to contact our support team to submit your request:

If it has not been 40 days since your domain expiry date, you can still renew your domain name without having to do a back order.  This will allow you to get your domain back immediately rather than having to wait for the backorder.  In addition, you will be able to renew your domain name through your Doteasy Member Zone as long as the the end of the 40 grace period is not too close.

Here is the link to the Member Zone:

what if someone register domain before the backorder system register it??

I'm pretty sure backordering a domain does not guarantee that you get it.


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