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osCommerce vs Zen Cart vs Cube Cart


Any opinions on these carts? Thx

I've just tried using Zen Cart and it's working out for me... plus the Zen Cart website gets me pretty much all my question answered (now I only need to work on my template to make the cart looks nicer).

osCommerce has been around longer but I found it not as good to use personally.

As for Cube Cart, I heard it is only good if you are a designer which knows your coding... I can be wrong though

Kiran Nair:
Hi friend,
I've the following points about these three open source carts..
 osCommerce Cart : osCommerce or Open Source Ecommerce is an free e-commerce and online store-management software program, which can be used on any web server that has PHP and MySQL installed.

Zen Cart : Zencart is also a free online store management software program launches recently. It is also based upon PHP, MySql and HTML components. It supports numerous languages and currencies.

Cube Cart : Cube cart is the ecommerce shopping cart software solution that is launches in 21st April 2010. It is also a free ecommerce shopping cart software solution that can easily create a powerful online store.

Thanks for all of your info. I will try Zen Cart first. Cheers


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